Joshua’s Creed – Joshua’s Creed – Sept 20th, 2016

Song List: Alive, It Is Finished, The Sky Is Falling, Choose, Four Horsemen, Buried In The Womb, Consequences, God Must Be Crazy, House of Cards, Where Everything Dies

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Derek Close – The Beta Sessions – 2014

Song List: 9-1-1, Atomic Clock, Out of Reach, Cerebral Vortex, Violence Domesticated, Opposite Extremes, The Pavilion, Daddy, El Gato, Dreaming In Color

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Derek Close – In the Christmas Groove – 2011

Song List: Joy to the World, O Come Emmanuel, Angels We’ve Heard, 3 Groovin’ Kings, The Wenceslas Boogie, God Rest Ye, Carol of the Bass, What A Child, All Ye Faithful, A Little Jingle Jam

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Judah – One Step From The Basement – 1997

Song List: Ready, Battle Zone, Daddy, El Gato, Crown of Thorns, Other Side of Death

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