I cut my teeth on ’80’s Metal when upon my hearing of Scorpion’s Blackout I got sucked into the world of music. From that point I no longer wanted to just listen to music. I wanted to hear music. I wanted to feel music. Most importantly, I wanted to play music.

The late ’80’s came and I started to learn guitar and picked up the bass. Throughout the early ’90’s I played in a few bands that played a few gigs but never did any recording. That changed when I joined My Cat Puddinhead and we recorded our first demo tape in ’94. From there I went on to help form the band Judah (WA). We played a number of gigs and also recorded a demo tape called “One Step From The Basement”. While in Judah I got asked to record the bass tracks for About This Big’s album “Chaos Theory”. After that, life got in the way forcing me into a bit of a hiatus. During that time I did have the opportunity to record a few tracks for the band Nathan Creek.

Come late 2006 Dan Johnson from Sanctyfied got in touch with me and I recorded the bass tracks for their 2nd album Flying High. I even got the privilege of writing the album’s Title Track. It was during this time that I started really working on my own music again. I had several songs that had never been recorded and some that had never been finished.

In 2011 I released my first album, a Christmas instrumental rock album called “In the Christmas Groove”. 2014 has seen the release of my 2nd album, “The Beta Sessions”. 2016 we released the debut album from the recording project Joshua’s Creed.

More to come!